Apr. 20th, 2017

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The Boston version of the March for Science on Saturday is going to be a rally on the Common (with booths, music, speakers, and a kids' area) but no marching. There are lots of science-based institutions around here, so it may be heavily attended. Hard to predict. I am planning to go for a little while, but have been pondering what science means. On the subway this morning, we debated whether it would be circular to say that science is the use of the scientific method. Arthur quoted someone who said "looking at pictures on NASA.gov is not science." I said it could be, if you're trying to increase knowledge (after making a hypothesis?), but it might also be a religious experience. The Astronomy Pictures of the Day are literally awe-inspiring most days. I am not one of the people who finds a separation between science and religion, but some do. I think that's one of the problems, actually.
I had planned to wear my Avogadro T-shirt (I am still working on how to search old posts on DW, so I couldn't find the photo taken when I first bought it, probably in October 2007). I considered dragging out old notes to make sure I could cope with formulae that include moles, but Arthur seemed pretty sure that nobody would challenge me to do so. Also, it's supposed to be in the 50s F on Saturday afternoon, so I will probably have on several layers. That leads me to wonder what sort of hat I should wear. I have a blue baseball hat and am considering sticking continents all over it, to have it be Earth for Earth day. There is a green hat I knitted. I could embroider "Science" on it, similar to a crocheted hat I saw on Etsy, although I'd hate to steal someone's intellectual property. I'm not planning to make a sign.


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