Apr. 23rd, 2017

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Usually we manage to squeeze in at least one session of the New England Folk Festival along with our regular weekend lives. This year it just didn't happen. Arthur was out of town, and I didn't really want to go by myself, especially as I don't much like driving at night. I had stuff to do during the daytime yesterday (the usual, plus the Science Rally). In the evening, in addition to dark, I was tired to begin with, and was hoping to get to bed early so that I could get up at 5 AM to watch the London Marathon live (on TV). Friday evening, instead of driving to Mansfield at rush hour, I ran. We had discussed Paul Revere's timeline on the night of the famous ride. The web site told us that after he was caught (presumably where the national park marker labelled "Revere capture site") he talked his way out of being taking prisoner, and then had to walk back to Rev. Clarke's house, where Hancock was still hanging around. What happened to the horse? Did Revere ever pay back the person he had borrowed it from? I ran down to the capture site, and then to the Hancock-Clarke house. Including a stop to answer my phone, it took me about 40 minutes, so the estimate of three miles seems sensible. Of course, the highway wasn't there at the time, so there might have been a short-cut that is not available currently. Was the moon full? Sneaking through people's back yards and farms after they had been made nervous by the news seems a bit unsafe. I had timed the run to put me a short distance from the public library. Normally they are closed on Friday evenings, but this was the night of the Fairy Tale Ball. This is my post from the same event last year. Very much the same.
>> It's billed as for all ages, but really, it's set up for kids under about eight. There were craft stations, a story telling area, a scavenger hunt, snacks, etc. Most of the little girls were dressed up to be someone from Frozen or Cinderella or similar, although there was some variation and one girl was wearing what may have been her First Communion dress. The boys had more like Halloween costumes - ninja turtles, police officers, etc. There was one kid in a dress suit and fedora. I enjoyed mingling, but worried that people would think I was a predator, since I had no kid with me. I left before the final event, the "Let it go" singalong.<<
Arthur's older brother brought his grandson to Boston yesterday, so I spent most of my Science rally time at the Kids Zone. Some of the stations weren't working because of the drizzle, but others were functioning. I wandered around the bigger rally after they got cold and left, but my attention span isn't too long either, and I also headed home before the end.
I didn't spend today at NEFFA because I had signed up to help out at coffee hour at church, and would only have managed about three hours at the festival if I left afterward. But NEFFA came to us, in a surprising way. Arrangements had been made to have Sasi Ardiak (Basque traditional music) play during the service. It was wonderful.
I have been trying to find one of my shoddy ukeleles in the attic recently, to give to someone who was looking for one on the Lexington recycling list. I found my childhood uke, but not the other, that I think was in slightly better shape. I have come across other instruments, but also have not seen the bombarde I bought ages ago during an earlier fascination with Basque music.


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