Apr. 25th, 2017

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It's a movie title. I presume anybody who is interested in a movie set in London in 1940 is supposed to fill in "hour" at the end of the title. I do. It's set at about the same time that the current season (on PBS, anyway) of "Home Fires," which is not in London. Just past Dunkirk, more or less. "Their Finest" is about a group of people struggling to make a good movie that fills all the requirements for promoting morale and supporting the war effort, full of love and humor and realism and optimism (a hard sell during the Blitz, one would think). I saw it referred to (after I saw the film) as a Rom-Com. Uh. There are romances within, and there are small funny bits, but really, no. Or maybe the film within a film is a Rom-Com, with all those other things. And sudden death, in both cases. I was lying awake in the night, trying to think of non-Brit or USian WWII films I've seen set in the Home Front (as opposed to full of battles and soldiers) Three from France. Some stuff about living under the Nazis that I can't name. A made for TV series set in Egypt but full of Brits. It was a world war, for goodness sake. There must be movies from Japan or Russia or other places. "Slaughterhouse Five" was in Dresden, but was clearly an American movie.
I spent a lot of "Their Finest" staring at the sweaters. Each character only had one or two, but they looked pristine, unlikely considering the fact that they were worn almost daily for the whole winter depicted. Also, in all British WWII films, I am distracted by all the cigarettes. Where were they getting all that tobacco? Was it a major part of Lend Lease? They couldn't have been growing it in Victory Gardens.


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