May. 15th, 2017

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I can't say anything better about the Comey stuff than John Scalzi said here:

I do believe that there was Russian (governmental?) involvement in the 2016 election. I am mad about it. I don't know that we need an independent prosecutor. I can't stand Senator Burr in general, but I think he may be trying to do the right thing with the senate investigation. I am reserving judgment about whether there were overlaps in sneaky data abuse in both the Leave campaign in the UK and within the GOP in the United States. But my main worry is that it's mostly a distraction. If there had not been so much gerrymandering, voter exclusion, and so forth, the election would have gone to Clinton. I have no doubt about that whatsoever. I am grateful that SCOTUS has spoken (indirectly) by refusing to to consider the NC Republican appeal of the knocked-down Voter ID law, leaving the 4th circuit decision to stand. It annoys me that Roberts claims this doesn't indicate an opinion about voter ID, though. Tracking down outside interference in our elections isn't my priority. I'd like to have the Voting Rights act back, but that's not going to happen in a country in which there are marches to support Confederate leader monuments. (my take on that - the individual guy statues in municipalities should go. The statues in museums or the equivalent, like National Battlefields, should stay. The statues commemorating generic dead soldiers should stay).
The Russian fixation is a distraction from all kinds of stuff. The 13 old white guy senators who are deciding on the next iteration of the AHCA is really important. The review (presuming to flip any Obama declarations) of a bunch of National monuments is important. Net neutrality. Name your cause - bad things are happening. The news media need to spread the information around, not focus so much.

Still pondering on visiting Russia in fall, when Arthur goes for a conference. We are at the second (of several) steps toward a visa. Maybe my application will be turned down - I didn't do anything illicit when I was in the Soviet Union in 1976, but it might flag me in some way. More likely I will be granted the visa, and then I really will have to decide about the morality of spending my tourist dollars on a place with a really corrupt government. Until I quit in disgust a couple of weeks ago, I had been doing daily lessons in Russian, using the Mango program borrowed from the library (on my tablet). I was pleased at how much I remember. It is interesting how much of the grammar is just getting given as an aside, without any explanation. I sometimes felt the need for index cards with case endings, but I haven't written them out yet. I also wonder about a lot of their choices. I think putting caviar on blini would be an abomination. I don't have any interest in buying fur anything, much less needing a bunch of different fur garments. They haven't taught me how to say "What's your position on the state murder of gay men in Chechnya?" or "Do you have relatives dying in the army, in an immoral war in Crimea?" (not an official one, I guess). I'll go back to it, though. Why waste the chance to (re)learn something?
There is an emotional tug there. Someone was complaining about the amount of attention Russia gets, considering how insignificant Russia really would seem on the world stage if it weren't for their nukes. I felt indignant, and thought "They stopped Napoleon! They knocked back Hitler!" Really beautiful icons. Embroidery (although my interest there is actually Ukrainian). Not too relevant, maybe. I don't think I can completely explain it.


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