May. 25th, 2017

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When I heard of the bombing in Manchester UK, my first expectation was the commonplace (and apparently correct) one. There is a reason that there is a standard profile (I love that the Financial Times online is still pink).
My second thought was IRA,oddly. We'll see if the Troubles come back after Brexit, when Ireland gets split again in a new sense.
My third thought was something I didn't believe, but could see as being useful if I were running a conspiracy website. It was that someone in Theresa May's campaign had done it, knowing that if she came across as calm and firm her poll numbers, which have been dropping, would go up. It turns out that I am not the only person who made up this conspiracy, but as Andrew Scattergood, HannahJane Parkinson, and others pointed out on Twitter this morning, in 2015, TM, then Home Secretary, was warned by Manchester police about harm due to the cuts (20,000 nationwide) in community policing and similar police jobs that she supported.

I was on a Jetblue flight last night (managed not to be downed by the tornado in mid-NC). Except when they don't work, JB planes have little TVs with a variety of cable networks (not PBS, BBC America, or Syfy). I was flipping around, watching parts of the Weather Channel's show about plane crashes (good news - airports do a better job of de-icing than they used to), some archeology show, and MSNBC. Rachel Maddow has done some great work, but also is clearly just trying to get ratings by a basic level of "coincidence? I think not" journalism. After the amazing segment about the "body slam" of Ben Jacobs by Greg Gianforte, which was happening in real time as I watched (he was at the hospital at the time Maddow was talking about it), she moved on to the Russia stuff, and started talking about possible (no proof) connections between Trump's debt to Deutsche Bank and his problems with Russia. I get that she is entertainment, not journalism, but this seems a bit beforehand.
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I have a lot of small superstitions. I touch wood after saying something good. I worry about jinxes (same thing, I suppose). The one that popped up this morning is the idea that bad luck runs in threes. I have been planning for a couple of weeks to attend a memorial service on June 3rd. Now I have another one the day before. It has made me worry that someone will die, in order to be memorialized on the 4th, for example. The power of three shows up in other places ("we cannot dedicate, we cannot consecrate, we cannot hallow this ground"; "what is your name? what is your quest? what is your favorite color?"), so there must be something in the way our minds find three anythings special. I wonder if the bad luck in threes idea is related to the idea that one can't safely light three on a match.


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