May. 29th, 2017

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My only real observance of the day was stopping by the display on the Boston Common yesterday, 37000 little US flags flowing down the Charles Street side of the hill, like a river. The organizers call it a garden, and it does look kind of like a flower bed - that many flags, that height and proximity, don't look like individual flags, but just like blue and white for the most part. Unless it's an incredible coincidence, the number must be rounded, but they are supposed to represent all the military people from Massachusetts killed in action since the Revolution.
I don't know whether those numbers include people who have died by suicide, rather than in battle (or car crashes, or of disease - remember how many Civil War soldiers died of measles and diphtheria). There was a very sad and infuriating segment on The Takeaway this morning, about the lack of recognition given to the (on average) 20 veterans a day who die by suicide. In general, not honor guards or military funerals, and their families feel the neglect.
Also, it will be interesting to see whether veterans Ricky John Best and Richard Collins III, killed in the past week by white supremacists, will get ANY official recognition. Best was with Taliesin Namkai Meche (and surviving defender Micah Fletcher) on the light rail train in Portland. Trump has thus far ignored them all.
Speaking of the Trump family, Ivanka has gotten a lot of sarcasm on twitter this morning for suggesting that the way to note Memorial Day is to make champagne popsicles. I agree (she works in the White House - she should be out at Arlington Cemetery, or some other military memorial site). On the other hand, we are taking a store-bought pie to a picnic gathering today. The treat-food aspect of the day is hard to ignore.


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