Jun. 21st, 2017

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There is a summer (only seven episodes filmed) series on ABC called "Still Star-Crossed." From the commercials beforehand, I got that it is a sequel to Romeo and Juliet, starting almost immediately after their deaths, with the scene still laid in Verona. Then I mostly forgot about it. I came across the third episode on Monday night, half-way in, and liked it very much. I sometimes shy away from costume dramas because unauthentic costumes draw all of my focus. We only watched bits of "Wolf Hall," which many people liked and which had many well-done costumes, because whenever Anne Boleyn appeared onscreen, I started yelling "wrinkles!" (see # 4 http://www.frockflicks.com/top-5-costume-inaccuracies-in-wolf-hall/) The clothes in "S S-C" don't really pass for Renaissance Italy, but they didn't bother me, not least because it turns out that Rosaline can run flat out without being deterred by her gown, even though the lines (and presumably therefore undergarments) are correct. The street scenes are fantastic. When I learned that the show is based on a book by the same name by Melinda Taub, I vaguely assumed YA, but one of the reviewers on Goodreads called it fanfic, and I think that's about right. Not that there is anything wrong with YA. Upon reflection this morning, I realized that for those of us of a certain age (ie the same age as Juliet when the 1968 Zeffirelli version hit the big screen), Romeo and Juliet *was* YA. People in their early teens doing dangerous things for love, with the background possibility of dying for the greater good (not their main motivation, but it was there). I saw it several times in the theater (the only choice, then), with friends. By the third time, some of my friends had gotten over their sadness at the untimely deaths, but I was still fully engaged. At the scene of Juliet speaking over Romeo's body (I am clearly not worrying about spoilers here), I sobbed out loud. The viewer behind me also sobbed loudly at the same time, and my friends buried their faces in their coats, to muffle their shrieks of laughter.


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