Jun. 28th, 2017

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Watch this. I'll be here when you get back
"immigrants - we get the job done" was originally a pointed, jokey line from "Yorktown (the world turned upside down)" from Hamilton. Some of the same people, including Lin Manuel Miranda, are responsible for the video above.
(tangentially related - I saw a pro-vaccine video this morning made by some high school students based on the idea of "I'm not throwing away my shot")

I mentioned last week my new interest in "Still Star-crossed." I set up the DVR to tape this week's scheduled episode, but it didn't air - ABC showed "Celebrity Family Feud" instead. I was miffed, but I remarked to Arthur that at least the title would work for either. The Montagues and Capulets were celebrities in their own area.

I tend to go to visit my parents for my mother's monthly bridge club meetings, although it would only be *necessary* for me to be there on the months in which she is hosting, as I do all the prep. Someone else could usually give her a ride otherwise. She often complains about losing her memory, and not knowing where she is going, but if I print out google directions, she immediately contradicts their choices. The combination of her route and google's yesterday got us briefly lost, but she was more accurate than they were, and we got there. I don't play bridge - I usually read during bridge time, and help out with serving and cleaning up, but I have tried to learn at least some of what is going on. Yesterday one of the regulars backed out at the last minute, so seven players plus me showed up. They decided that I would be an improvement over an empty chair, although apparently there is some way of shifting people around so that the missing person is the dummy every time. I couldn't get all the nuances of bidding (which is where my brain has shut down every time I've tried to read a book about learning to play) but I tried to fake it, and can follow suit, at least. What I expect I will never get is the scoring. There seem to be points for defensive play, offensive play, sheer luck (getting a hand with "honors"), and other things. Numbers above the line. Numbers below the line. On and on. My supposition is that the card game part is all a ruse so that people can make up arithmetic games with the scoring, but I may be wrong about that. I started thinking about "Cosmic Wimpout," in terms of silly games, and wondered what it would be like in a tightly packed room of elderly women, two with walkers, if someone yelled "Clear the tracks." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cosmic_Wimpout
Maybe it's more like "Mornington Crescent" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mornington_Crescent_(game)
I don't know anything about whist or piquet. Maybe it's actually like those.

Based on choco-frosh's mention of "A Closed and Common Orbit," I sought out Becky Chambers's
"The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet." As the person sitting next to me on the Red line this morning remarked, it's very good. I like the characters, but I almost immediately was struck with the idea that Kizzy is an homage to Kaylee Frye, of "Firefly" fame. Even as I have become fond of Kizzy in her own right, I can't get it out of my head, and when I finish the book, I'll probably drag out the DVDs and watch some of "Shindig," at a minimum.
It dawned on me later that he had made a conversational opening remark, and I probably should have followed up on it, rather than just smiling and going back to the book. I'm not good at this stuff.

Also on the Red line (three stops later) - there was a woman with blonde and brown hair extensions added to her corn rows, with a face that was lovely in repose, wearing a shiny floral jacket. It was hard for me not to stare. I thought of telling her that she looked amazing (almost magical, really), but remembered all the fuss about the president making a remark to a female reporter about her appearance, and the ensuing argument about whether a compliment can just be a compliment, so I said nothing. Really, not good an interactions with strangers. It's hard enough with people who are used to me.

House guest arriving in four days. Am I cleaning? Not that one would notice...


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