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The NYT said something about Londoners reeling after the attacks yesterday. Certainly the families of those attacked must be, but there were lots of tweets todsy in response, with photos of people at street markets, having brunch, etc. Another thing people do on Sundays is go to church (or at least ring bells to call people to church. Those activities didn't happen today at Southwark Cathedral, pretty much in the corner of the bridge and the borough market, within the police cordon, but at the other end of the bridge, things were as usual at St. Magnus the Martyr, as long as one could get there. I copied these complicated directions from their web site:
>>TERRORIST ATTACK - IMPORTANT NOTICE: For St Magnus people and our visitors, at the time of writing (07.53hrs), latest info from the police sentry nearby: Lower Thames Street is shut to traffic but you can walk in from the tube. Unfortunately, you are advised to take the walk from Tower Gateway rather than from Monument unless you want a very circuitous route as they're not allowing people directly down Fish Street Hill but Lower Thames Street is currently open to walkers and cyclists from either end. London Bridge itself remains firmly shut!

FURTHER UPDATE: Fish Street Hill is fine to walk down but DLR and Monument Station are shut completely. Bank Station however will be open and is probably the best tube for St Magnus this morning<<

There were six people murdered in Chicago this weekend, just for contrast. Probably nobody's route to church was changed.
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