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A lot of people spent the much of the day watching the Comey show or the followup coverage. I was out walking with a friend for a couple of hours, but heard the inspiring bit on the radio
"The reason is we have this big messy country where we fight all the time but nobody tells us what to think, what to fight about, what to vote for, except other Americans." (he then points out that it's a "big deal" when another country tries to interfere with that).

But while all that was going on, 233 of the House Republicans voted to destroy the consumer protections from Dodd-Frank. It might not happen in the Senate. Our pal Elizabeth Warren is of course fuming about it.
Importantly, it has become clear that the the secret Senate version of the ACHA (health care, or lack thereof) will remain under wraps until almost the end of the month, with the plan to not reveal it to the public until a vote just before the 30th, after which all of the Senatorial snowflakes flee DC, lest they melt (I have become fond of the reverse usage of the snowflake thing). The vote has to happen before the holiday break, or constituents could collar someone when they are in the district, and point out that a loved one might die without medicaid. I am at a bit of a loss about what to do personally. Both of my senators will vote no. I could try to call the NC guys from my parents' phone. Almost all of my handful of readers are either also in Massachusetts or out of the country, but just in case, Colorado senator Cory Gardner is at (202) 224-5941. The healthcare legislative assistant there is named Alison Toal. I also emailed the Ohio sister-in-law, who is probably already activated, as her son gets assistance of the sort that might be cut.
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