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I decided to start with the ways in which I differed from the opinions of NPR's Linda Holmes, and then throw in additional thoughts:
Kevin Spacey could have been left out entirely - everything he was in was pointless, even his introductions to some of the presenters. Credit where due, though, he has a nicer singing voice than I realized. Speaking of singing, Stephen Colbert can't, or at least didn't show any signs of it last night. It is nice to see the backstage shots, but it would have been better with just a subtitle telling which play the people were from - I found Rachel Bloom uniformly irritating. They could have used the time saved to showcase James Earl Jones's lifetime achievement award more, rather than just showing snippets. Pictures of the nominated costumes would have been nice, rather than just part of the winner's speech.
It was good to see bits from the musicals, but unlike any other award show, I liked the acceptance speeches better than anything else. People thanked the usuals (although God didn't get the mentions that happen during the Academy awards), but Gavin Creel (?) specifically mentioned by name the people who funded the scholarship he got to drama school. Someone (don't remember) thanked her grandmother, who had sold her engagement ring to finance the winner's move to New York to try to make it in the theater. Many people thanked family members by name and expressed love, but (unless I missed something), only Laurie Metcalf and Cynthia Nixon additionally apologized to their children for time away from home. A gender distinction.
The street corner doo-wop band singing during the memorial time was just right, as was the fading light when they were done.
Final sentence of Ben Platt's loving speech (which got faster and faster as he tried to stay within the allotted time): "The things that make you strange are the things that make you powerful."
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