May. 18th, 2013

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A walking circuit in Lexington has been set out and marked, based on pathways that already existed, plus a few sidewalks for connection.  I can't believe we've lived here for 25 years and never realized that some of the paths are here, or that the Vine Brook actually is still there, flowing.  We walked part of the route today, and veered off into a path in the conservation land next to it.  We saw these
Years ago we went to either Walden Pond or Sandy Pond every year at about this time (or more like Memorial Day) to look for such flowers, but had let the tradition slip.  Apparently ponds are not required.
After that I was in the mood for dumplings.  We went to the Formosa Taipei take-out place and took some out.  Aside from occasional burritos, wraps, or a slice of pizza, I don't take stuff out, because I won't use the kind of plastic (including polystyrene) food packaging that most places offer. I really don't remember the last time we took out Chinese food.   The people behind the counter said that they usually use "microwaveable" plastic containers, but agreed to use the old-style Chinese restaurant white paper boxes. After dinner  I took the little metal handle off so that I could compost the box and was entranced by the shape of the flattened-out box.


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