Apr. 21st, 2017

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I recently donated a small amount to All Out to fund the evacuation of brutalized gay men from Chechnya. At the time of clicking to donate, one was not really given a choice for opting out of getting follow-up emails. They have sent me a survey, which is not uncommon for fund-raising organizations (yesterday I also got one from WGBH, mostly about their web site). What is surprising about the All Out survey email is this paragraph: "All Out will track your input and keep you updated on campaigns from around the world that matter most to you. Every time a crisis or opportunity comes up - an anti-gay law emerges or a hate group attacks equal rights - we'll let you know how to speak up and take action." It's straightforward enough, and probably a good way to keep from having a donor feel spammed by emails, but something about the wording is creepy to me. The "will track your input" part reminds me too much of the way Facebook or Google are tracking users. I know this is different, because you've told them which silo to put you in. Not taking the survey.


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