Apr. 30th, 2017


Apr. 30th, 2017 05:19 pm
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Last night's Doctor Who. I agree with this review completely.

Yesterday I got to the Climate gathering on Boston Common after many people had left, but there was still music and the tables from many organizations were still there. I could not work up the nerve to ask anybody for carbon offset suggestions, especially after overhearing people who were in despair about the airline industry. Our carbon footprints are enormous, mostly because of flying. We are both strong supporters of carbon taxes, including the Massachusetts version put forward by our own state senator Mike Barrett. I went away from the Climate thing resolved to get more people to push for it. In the meantime, I'd like to do something to make up for all the carbon I chuck into the air. I'm not going to stop flying as long as we have family members scattered around, and I also do other flying occasionally.
After that, we went to a couple of the Lexington Open Studios sites. One was fascinating multi-media works (photos, collages, overlaid with oil or acrylic paint). At the other place, there were rooms full of artworks covering at least twenty years of her career, but I was mostly interested in her work space.

I was so pleased by watching the London Marathon last week that on a whim I registered for a half-marathon, which took place this morning. The last time I did a run that long was five weeks ago, so I wasn't really well-trained, but it wasn't too hot and I ended with a time that pleased me (2:20:32). The race started and ended in Amesbury, MA, and the circuit went through a couple of towns in NH. New England on display. Amesbury still has the mill race (the old brick buildings are no longer mills, but are still in use) and a bunch of functioning downtown businesses. We had not known that cartoonist Al Capp(L'il Abner) lived and worked there. It was fine at the time (would have been better if the forecast for an overcast morning had proved true), but I'm sore now. I hope I'll be able to dance around at dawn (May Day by the river) and tomorrow evening at tap class. We'll see. I had a long hot soak in the tub and have been using ice topically.

I didn't go to the Blue Heron concert on Friday night and decided to buy the CD that was being featured. The only CD player I have is in the car, but that might be good enough. When I followed the link, http://www.blueheron.org/recordings/cds
I was given the choice of a CD, an MP3, or streaming. I gave up. I use an iPad but have not bought music for it.
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Wednesday evening I was waiting around for a bus at Alewife station when I saw an acquaintance. We chatted briefly, about how I arrange the timing of some things to fit with the bus schedules. He asked if I don't drive. I said that I do, but that I find it a quality of life improvement not to do so. He was visibly surprised, and I gave my reasons, but I'm pretty sure I gave a vibe of someone who had ease of life available to me that is not available to him.


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