May. 23rd, 2013


May. 23rd, 2013 11:45 am
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Why should the fact that four USians have been killed in our drone program be suddenly what makes people upset?  We have killed hundreds of civilians since 2004.

I have a Facebook account that I set up for study group use while at Baystate College.  It's the only connection I still have to some of those people, but I keep meaning to shut down the FB account because the company is so sleazy.  I am interested in the #fbrape campaign to get facebook to stop allowing sites that promote violence against women, but I don't think I need to be a facebook user for that

For a while in 1975 or thereabouts, I did yoga alone, getting the postures from a book that a friend loaned me.  I did it in the dark but listening to music, almost always Georges Moustaki. I wasn't a particular Edith Piaf fan, so I have no recollection of how I got the Moustaki LP in the first place.  I haven't done yoga much or listened to GM in the meantime, but I was saddened to see this obit today:

A costume opportunity!  Not my usual kind of costuming, though.  The City Sports chain began in 1983 and for their 30th anniversary celebration, they are sponsoring a 10K race at the end of June (at 10 AM - what are they thinking?  It will probably be hot).  They are encouraging people to wear clothing from the era.  I am not sure whether they mean running clothes or day wear.  During much of the 1980s, I was working in a warehouse, so my daily clothes were along the lines of jeans, t-shirt, and flannel shirt.  Fairly timeless, and not something I'd like to run in.   Can one still get the kind of shorts Joan Benoit  and Grete Waitz (of blessed memory) are wearing in these photos?  And look at those low-tech adidas shoes.
If I were going to actually spend money on more running clothes, I might get this LBD instead



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