Jul. 31st, 2013

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There was supposed to be a compare/contrast thing about being at the Copley Square Boston arts music whatever it was called on Friday evening (in the pouring rain for Della Mae, and then clearing with a nice rainbow in time  for Doctor John and then dry & dark for the Preservation Hall Jazz Band) and for Allison Krauss on Sunday afternoon (revealing what wimps people can be about rain, because the expression order of magnitude might be accurate in terms of crowd size) and the Lowell Folk festival on Saturday afternoon & evening.

There was going to be a mention of the gaping holes in our walls with wires hanging out, as the electricians work on getting rid of our knob & tube wiring.  It's nice that it's not so hot today, because the ceiling fan is on the floor and its power supply is cut off anyway.

There was going to be an "overheard or seen at the Lexington Farmers' Market" yesterday.  Among other things, I was pleased to learn that I'm not the only person who patronizes markets several times during the week.  A couple discussing corn decided not to buy any, because they were planning to eat it today (ie a day later), so they would buy it today.

Laundering instructions - I already ignore the "dry clean only" tags most of the time, except for things like suit jackets, but I have also taken up using chlorine bleach (a horrid, toxic chemical) on some of my running clothes, because it seems to be the only way to get rid of the armpit smell.  I suppose I could try using old-style Tide instead of the non-scented whole foods or ecover kind of laundry detergent.  It used to be the case that you could tell from a distance that someone used Tide, by its distinctive smell.


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