Aug. 9th, 2013

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"Fruitvale Station" is playing at the Lexington movie theater.  I'm not going to go, on the theory that I would be screaming the whole
time and that might disturb the other viewers.    It's a docudrama about the 2009 murder of a subway rider in Oakland by a BART police officer, who said he mistakenly drew his gun instead of his taser.
Flo's boyfriend lives in that neighborhood.  She was visiting in our house at the time of the shooting, but she's a user of that station otherwise.  I don't think she's likely to be involved in a brawl in a subway station, and she is never going to be a young black man, but the horror doesn't have to be personal to be horrible.
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In London - an upcoming version of Much Ado about Nothing.  With James Earl Jones and Vanessa Redgrave as Benedick and Beatrice. Huh. The actors playing Claudio & Hero are the usual young age.

At a public meeting, after a question about repealing "Obamacare"
NC Congressman Robert Pittenger: "Do you want a thoughtful answer?"
Tea Party member "I want yes or no."

Kelly Beatty from Sky & Telescope magazine gave the analogy that the objects streaking across the sky during the Perseids are the like Grape Nuts.  Smaller than I expected.

San Francisco artist Ed Drew, who is also a soldier, documented his military companions in Afghanistan by making tintypes
I hadn't stopped to think that the images would be reversed, but it makes sense.


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