Dec. 13th, 2013


Dec. 13th, 2013 08:52 am
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Would people just stop dying for a little while?  It's becoming tedious.  The husband of one of my mother's best friends (whom I've known all my life).  The husband of one of the old ladies I used to dance with.  One of the other old lady tap dancers. All within a  few days of each other.  Also, someone I didn't know - a 19 year old Marine from Fairhaven, MA was killed in Afghanistan.  What's the enlistment age?  How can you already be trained and sent over there and killed by the time you're 19?  At least all those people I knew were in their 80s and had happy lives.

After discussions with multiple workers at the Bedford Whole Foods, I bought some  coconut oil.  (they have it in at least three sections of the store).  It is true that rubbing it into one's skin makes the skin smooth, but it also has a noticeable smell.  It's not so much  Almond Joy bar as movie popcorn, at least to my nose.   Until recently, I had for years (decades) used the same skin cream bottle over and over, refilling it from the big container in the bulk section at the Harvest Co-op.  When they moved to the new, smaller location across the street from the old store, they cut back on a number of things, including the bulk personal care products.  I'm not happy about it.  I got used to the absence of bulk tofu, so I suppose I'll get used to buying new bottles of cream, or smelling different.

In terms of other irritations of progress, there was a notice yesterday from Microsoft that they are going to stop supporting Windows XP as of next April.  I have Windows 8.1 on the new little laptop.  As I mentioned recently, there are some oddities and irritations with that laptop.  There are different irritations with the 2006 XP machine that stays permanently on the desk, mostly slowness problems, but it works with my old vertical keyboard and with the HP Laserjet 6 MP printer. I think the new one will not.  I am not happy about having a basically functional item turn into hazardous waste or a virus receptacle, just because it has an old operating system. 


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